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We love rolling up our sleeves and diving in to work with women entrepreneurs and small business owners, it makes our heart sing. Here are the events and workshops we have available, check below for upcoming dates!

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Annual Galentine’s Event February 15, 2024

In 2023, we launched a Galentine’s Day Event to facilitate the connection between and education of women small business owners. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet a few new ones!

1:1 Defining Success Workshop

This private 1:1 program is perfect for those owners who want the full kit and kaboodle. This is our most in-depth program. You’ll have 1:1 attention from one of our business coaches for an entire year as you build your business.

Maximizing Time & Energy to
Increase Profitability & Productivity

We need to focus on optimizing our time and energy so we focus on what we are uniquely capable of doing. In this workshop, attendees will walk through exercises to identify how to better manage their time and energy, learn the art of delegation, and discover how to use freed up time to increase profitability and productivity.

Increase Profitability, Reduce Taxes & Manage Cash Flow Like a Pro

Running a business isn’t easy and constantly worrying about cash flow and profitability make it even harder! In this workshop, attendees will learn tips and tricks to increase profitability, reduce taxable income, and manage cash flow like a pro. We’ll also talk about ways to stop trading time for money and the art of delegation. This workshop isn’t just for newbies, there are a lot of advanced tactics we’ll discuss here that even seasoned entrepreneurs will find enlightening!

Building Confidence by
Unlocking Imposter Syndrome

This workshop is for those who are being asked to innovate, create something that has no defined blueprint for success, and think outside the box, there is no predefined surefire way to win! This workshop unlocks the secrets to overcoming imposter syndrome and tools to help course correct when you start questioning yourself in the future.

Defining Owner Success
Group Workshop

Once you’re clear on your personal definition of success, it makes the rest of life so much easier to navigate. Join us for this transformational and self-reflective workshop where you’ll have the opportunity to focus on you, your personal purpose, how you should be spending your time and energy, what you want, and how to get it.

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