At RAYNE IX, we make business personal and help women build life-changing businesses.

We spent a lot of time nurturing and growing our business so let’s make sure yours is working for you, not the other way around.

At RAYNE IX, we believe people matter most and we take a people-first approach when we help women business owners build their businesses.

We do this by defining personal success, aligning the businesses strategy accordingly, designing scalable operational infrastructures, and leveraging the businesses so the owner can create wealth outside of their business while still putting their people first.

We do this via our D&A of Success Framework.


Wait, what’s the D&A of Success?

The D&A of Success is a four-part framework that we’ve created to help people define success for themselves and then align the work they do. The four steps are: Significance, Energy, Leadership, Facts.

What does “RAYNE IX” mean!?

“RAYNE” means “mighty counsel” and the roman numeral “IX” is a nod to our greatest inspiration, Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When asked “how many women are enough on the Supreme Court,” Ruth replied, “When there are nine…there’d been nine men…” Additionally, Title IX is a federal civil rights law put in place to protect gender equality in education and federally funded initiatives.

We believe when all genders have equal opportunities, decisions are made with greater compassion, diverse voices are heard, our economy is stronger, and the world is a better place.



We believe change starts with discovering and owning our truths.


We embrace curiosity and explore possibilities.


We wish for all humans to live freely, respectfully, and honor their definitions of success.


We live with vivacity, intention, and purpose.


A note from our founder…

So you might be saying to yourself, “Ok, cool, Kiley seems alright. Seems like she’s figured her stuff out. But why does she think she can help me? I can’t even articulate what is going wrong. All I can say is something has to change.”

Because I’ve been there. I bootstrapped. I started my agency in the 3-foot space between my fridge and my window. I built a 20+ member team. I’ve sold over $4 million in revenue. I’ve made six-digit profits.

But I’ve also crashed and burned.

I flailed for almost a year trying to figure my sh!t out. I hit rock bottom. My body revolted against me. I battled with depression without even realizing it. I’ve hired team members that I cried when I had to fire. I’ve dreamt about spreadsheets and cash flow projections and go-to-market strategies. I’ve read hundreds of books. Attended dozens of conferences and events. Shaken so many hands. Kissed a few babies. Stared at a whiteboard waiting for the answers to come. Stared at the wall sipping Prosecco because my brain was fried.

I’ve bounced back from a six-figure loss. And it was downright painful.

I’ve. Been. There.

In December of 2021, I realized I had to start making some changes to align the work I do to my personal purpose of serving women to live the lives they want, whether through entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.

RAYNE IX is the result of those changes.

And it is everything I’ve ever thought I wanted. I did this for myself. We can do it for you too. I want every woman to live the life she wants. I’m here to tell you it’s possible and how to make it happen. You took the risk to do the damn thing, now let’s make the damn thing work for you. Because, lady, you freaking deserve it.

Let’s do this.

We believe people matter most and that includes you!

We’d be nowhere without the incredible team of badass women who make everything we dream up actually happen. This group of ladies has worked together across three small businesses and we couldn’t love and appreciate them more!