Budget-friendly CEO-support.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly type of executive support, this is the spot!

Don’t get us wrong, one-on-one support is incredibly powerful, but it’s not always something all budgets can afford.

So, this July, we’re launching the CEO Hotline.



The CEO Hotline gives you direct access to Founder, Kiley Peters,
through an online community and live Q&A.

Toss all your questions about running your business into the community and she’ll respond in a timely manner! And once a month, she’ll host a live Q&A where you can ask her anything. As we grow, we’ll continue to increase the support accordingly!



What's the buy in!?

Membership is month-to-month, so you’re not locked into anything! If you love it and want to save a few bucks, we have quarterly options too! Come and go as you please. Tell your friends, the more the merrier.

Month-to-Month: $250
Quarterly: $650 (save $100)
(3 month bundle)

What can you
ask Kiley?

Just about anything!

Here are some common questions we get a lot:

  • How important is it to have a real designer design your logo?
  • How do I decrease my taxable income?
  • What is AGI?
  • What are COGS?
  • Why don’t I want more profit?
  • Why can’t I just say I solve problems for everyone!?
  • How do I productize my services?
  • How do I know how many projects I can take on?
  • How do I generate leads?
  • How do I manage QBO?
  • What is QBO?
  • How do I manage people?
  • How do I delegate effectively?
  • How to find low-hanging funding sources

And the list goes on and on! Bring your questions, whether they’re strategic in nature or timely - need an answer this week type of thing. We’re here to help!