The Accelerator

This 22-week virtual training program is for service-based women business owners looking to reset, realign and level up their business. This is a great fit for coaches, consultants, and creatives.


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For those who need to rediscover joy, own their definition of success, have more fun, and co-create a business plan that will lead them to the life they want to live.

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We create a safe space for you to be open, vulnerable, and honest with yourself in terms of how you want to build your business. Because you’re a person first and an owner second and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. We got you.


We cut to the chase and provide the resources, systems, processes, knowledge, community, and experts needed to build your business so you don’t shoulder the burden alone, waste time on the wrong people, or fight DIY headaches. 


We teach how to be the best CEO you an be, build your leadership team, and scale your business without scaling overhead by setting up a better business backend, focusing on your superpowers, mastering your mindset, and delegating everything else.


"We're really touching each bucket of business so we can run healthy businesses and be in alignment with our personal lives and professional lives so not only is it impactful it's fun, the community, the networking, I feel seen, I feel heard and I really enjoyed the process."

Here’s what’s included:

  • Three (3) 1:1 coaching sessions with Amanda Nowak 
  • Carefully curated board of executive advisors.
  • 90-minute Weekly Live Q+As with each week’s expert.
  • Over 30 hours of live consultation, including 10+ hours with Kiley Peters.
  • Expert-led, self-guided content available when you have time.
  • Mastermind of other women in similar places in their businesses.
  • Dedicated digital platform so all content is in one place.
  • Digital community to connect with peers and build relationships!
  • Dozens of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and templates (including legal contracts).
  • BONUS: The Starter Kit & The Financial Assessment ($1,495 in additional value)

You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your network and connect with other Accelerator Alumni, receive additional RAYNE IX discounts and have exclusive access to Masterminds and an Annual Retreat!

“This program teaches business, finance, sales strategies and so much more that are absolutely indispensable for women starting or running a small business. But what makes the RAYNE IX team worth every penny is in addition to the business education, you receive incredible connections, support and camaraderie. This is an investment you will get 10x back.”

This is what you’ll get out of it:

  • Clarity on what you want and how to build your business to make it happen.
  • A better understanding of your personal financial needs
  • A better understanding of how to get the most out of your business, and save thousands of dollars a year in taxes.
  • A better understanding of your business numbers so you can stop stressing about cash flow.
  • Confidence, tools, and resources to prove that you CAN do this and build a life you love.
  • Clearly defined service offerings, audience, and problems you uniquely solve.
  • Language to help you talk about the work you do and how you’re different.
  • Trusted business partners who understand what you’re going through.
  • A repeatable process to create efficiency in your business so it’s not all on you!
  • A trusted sales process to support lead generation and teach you how to close sales.
  • Leadership skills to help you build and scale a team (if you choose).
  • Tools to help you increase profitability and reduce time.
  • A scalable quarterly and annual business plan.
  • An action plan to make all of the above happen.
  • A community of other women to support, hire, and promote you.
  • Exclusive access to masterminds, annual retreat, and alumni networking.


And because we walk the walk, your instructors are all women small business owners who serve other women small business owners. You’ll have the privilege of learning from some of the best and brightest and kindest women in business. Meet your instructors!

(Business Strategy)
Founder, RAYNE IX

(Time Management)
Founder, First Light Coaching

Founder, KPI Lab

Founder, Pai CPA

Founder, Athena Legal Solutions

(Personal Branding)
Founder, TE&Co.

(Lead Generation)
Founder, Hivecast & FIRESIDE

Founder, Shatter

(Social Media)
Founder, Small Studio

(Marketing and Hubspot)
Partner, HarleyJames Consulting

(Leadership Coaching)
Founder, The Perk

(Inner Life Coach)
Founder, Kate Carter Coaching

(Tax Strategy)
Founder, Orsa Consulting

(Financial Planning)
Piece of Wealth Planning

(Exit Strategy)
Founder, The Klingman 

What would this cost me if I did it on my own?

As you’re likely not an attorney, accountant, marketing specialist, sales guru, certified coach or operations expert, it’d be hard to do all of this on your own But if you were to hire out everything we cover in this program,  you’d likely pay over $130k. And that’s assuming you didn’t dilly-dally and knew exactly what you needed and when!

What will this save me by doing this work now?

Doing this work now will save you a minimum of $155k over the next three years. And, the icing on the cake, we’ve estimated that this program will save you over 530 hrs per year – each year. That’s about three months a year that these automations, systems, processes, and strategies will save you each year. We’ve seen this program accelerate many women into the next phase of their business with fewer headaches and greater scalability.

What if I’m already an expert in one of the areas covered?

Regardless of your area of expertise, you will learn new perspectives, tips, and tricks that will change how you operate. In every area of your business.

Pinky promise.

Sweet, so what’s the investment?

We are currently offering this program at $4995 and we have payment plans available if needed! This price will increase over time, so if you’re considering hopping in, now’s the time! Plus, that’s an estimated 57:1 ROI, not too shabby!

Meet Your RAYNE IX Coaches & Facilitators

Kiley Peters is the founder of RAYNE IX. She’s also a keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, and small business strategist and advisor with nearly 20 years of industry experience. She built and successfully exited her international award winning agency to launch RAYNE IX, and has helped hundreds of women launch, grow, and exit their businesses in pursuit of greater autonomy, financial freedom, and ownership of their lives.

Kiley will lead the first seven weeks of this program and then pass the baton over to Amanda who will take you through the remainder of your journey!

Amanda Nowak is one of our business coaches and consultants at RAYNE IX. She has over a decade of business ownership experience, scaling her business to over a million in revenue while managing a growing team. We’re excited to have her expertise to share with our clients as we help them navigate entrepreneurship. In her free time she loves to travel, explore new restaurants with her husband (also an entrepreneur), and go on long walks with their dog, Annie.

Amanda will be your go-to for all things related to this program. She’ll join you for all of the weekly Q&As that Kiley isn’t leading and she’ll be available to answer questions in between!