We believe that anyone can start their own business.


Who is The Starter Kit for?

Any small business owner looking for help on how to start a business.

The Starter Kit for Small Businesses is an on-demand online course created from the tools, tactics, and processes Kiley used and learned when she launched her digital marketing agency. This course is perfect for anyone looking to start their own business and isn’t sure where to even begin!

We believe that anyone can start their own business. So Kiley took everything she learned from the first two years of starting a virtual business and put it together in this multimedia five-part course, which includes:

In these courses, you’ll receive:

  • 44 Lessons ranging from 1-7 minutes
  • Video instructions and step-by-step guidelines
  • Templates and Dozens of Recommended Resources
  • 15 years of experience for less than 1 hour of 1:1 consulting

You can learn at your own pace and will have numerous resources to reference as you work through it. Additionally, dozens of other small business owners throughout the country were interviewed during this process, so you’ll learn tips and tricks from them as well!

Now let’s take a look at the key topics covered in each course.

  • Establish your intentions
  • Set benchmark goals
  • Create your mini business plan
  • Create legal contracts
  • Set up invoicing software and electronic payment systems
  • Set up e-signing software
  • Find a physical location
  • Recommended Resources
  • Identify your target audience
  • Identify your service offerings
  • Create your brand voice and tone
  • Create your brand identity
  • Create SOPs for your service offerings
  • Create a master proposal template
  • Create a capabilities deck
  • Purchase a domain
  • Purchase and set up website hosting
  • Launch a “Coming Soon” landing page
  • Confirm navigation, keyword research
  • Create/collect content for your website
  • Finalize design layouts and development
  • Craft your website announcement strategy
  • Final pre-launch checklist and quality assurance check
  • Announce your website launch
  • Set up professional social media profiles
  • Set up an email marketing account
  • Claim your Google Business listing
  • Create a digital content strategy for your brand
  • Activate your social media strategy
  • Create case studies
  • Ask for client reviews
  • Create your first set of blog posts 
  • Set up and launch a monthly newsletter
  • Seek out community
  • Begin building partnerships (optional)
  • Set up a CRM
  • Set up an accounting/ bookkeeping system
  • Set up budgeting and forecasting system
  • Set up payroll
  • Create a sales process
  • Create your client onboarding process
  • Set up a project management tool
  • Set up a file management process
  • Set up communication tools and a communication process for your future team
  • Begin building your team (if you want)