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Make Business Personal Episodes

Identifying What Makes You Significant

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kiley Peters, founder of RAYNE IX, talks about the first step in defining success for ourselves: discovering our significance. She explores the big questions of why we exist and who we are meant to serve. Kiley emphasizes the importance of aligning our work with our personal significance and shares her own journey of discovering her purpose. 

Exploring The D&A of Success

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kiley Peters, founder of RAYNE IX, talks about the D&A framework for building the life you want. Each step has core questions that need to be answered to gain insights and move forward. This episode sets the stage for future episodes that will dive deeper into each step of the D&A framework!

Exploring Bookkeeping with Nesha Pai

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Nesha Pai, founder of Pai CPA, talks about the importance of accounting for small businesses. Nesha emphasizes the need to understand financial statements, use of accounting software, and having a well-organized chart of accounts. The conversation provides valuable insights for small business owners looking to improve their accounting practices.

Exploring Financial Planning with Tiffany Johnson

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Tiffany Johnson, co-owner of Piece of Wealth Planning discusses personal financial planning, financial independence, budgeting, retirement plans, insurance protections, and investing in estate planning. She emphasizes the importance of keeping personal and business expenses separate, efficient bookkeeping, understanding cash flow, and more.

Exploring Time Management with Jenna Piche

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Jenna Piche, founder of First Light Coaching shares valuable insights on how to effectively manage time as a female business owner. The conversation covers various topics, including mindset and expectations, leveraging time periods, calendar control, habits and systems, mastering focus, and more.

Exploring Leadership Coaching with Leah Roe

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Leah Roe, founder of The Perk, a premier leadership and team coaching, training, and development studio discusses the key aspects of effective leadership and provides insights for entrepreneurs on leading their businesses. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of vision and culture in leadership and building trust within teams and organizations.

Exploring Operational Excellence with Sarah Tilkens

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Sarah Tilkens, CEO and founder of the KPI Lab, discusses the importance of operational excellence in businesses. She highlights the need for problem-solving techniques and lean tools to run operations effectively and without waste. She also encourages entrepreneurs to invest in themselves as problem solvers and seek support when needed.

Exploring Sales Strategies with Amy Blain

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Amy Blain, sales strategist and coach at Shatter, shares the sales process – how you move people from a prospect to a client. Amy emphasizes the importance of time management, the best practices for discovery calls, the abundant mindset, and accountability. 

Exploring Fearless Coaching with Kate Carter

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kate Carter, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Trainer at Kate Carter Coaching, engages in an interesting discussion about how to stop self-sabotage and how to build our lives and the business we love boldly.

Exploring Lead Generation with Sarah Lockwood

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Sarah Lockwood, founder of talks about the important of understanding where customers come for and having control over the lead generation process.

Exploring Social Media with Ashton Henry

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Ashton Henry, founder of Small Studio, social media manager and branding expert, shares her expertise on social media for business owners. Ashton emphasizes the importance of consistency, branding, and engaging with the right audience on social media. She also encourages listeners to show up authentically on social media and start building trust with their community.

Exploring Legal Must-Haves with Carolyn Jahnke

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Carolyn Jahnke, founding attorney of Athena Legal Solutions, talks about the legal basics that business owners need to know. Kiley and Carolyn discuss the importance of investing in legal support, and the subjectivity of the law. They also explore the protection of contracts and intellectual property, actionable steps for business owners, and lessons learned in the entrepreneurial journey.

Exploring Exit Strategy with Dr. Jamie Klingman

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Dr. Jamie Klingman, serial entrepreneur and business broker, discusses the topic of exiting a business, specifically selling a business. She covers various aspects of exit strategy, including financial considerations, timing, and key strategies for business owners. Dr. Klingman emphasizes the importance of knowing your numbers, making the business less dependent on the owner, and understanding the market.

Exploring Tax Strategy with Dawn Hryshko

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Dawn Hryshko, Founder and tax strategist at Orsa Consulting brings her 30 plus years of experience partnering with closely held and family-owned businesses on sophisticated financial strategies, personalized growth, and advisory services to the show. She shares a quick overview of the things that we need to know in running our business when it comes to tax strategy.

Exploring Personal Branding with Tamara Edwards

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Tamara Edwards, Principal of Tamara Edwards & Co. shares her expertise about personal branding!

Facilitating The Accelerator with Amanda Nowak

In this episode of Make Business Personal, Amanda Nowak, serial entrepreneur, coach and speaker, shares with us the values she lives by as an entrepreneur and the things every entrepreneur must know when they decide to start a business.

Introducing Make Business Personal with Kiley Peters

Make Business Personal is a podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and leaders who believe that people matter most. For those who believe we need to make business personal to really live the lives we desire for ourselves and our families.

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Make Business Personal is a podcast for leaders and business owners who want to change the way we define success in life and business.