We love our clients.
No seriously, we know people say that, but for real, we do.

We work with professional service-based women small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. We work with C-Suite women who are sick of corporate and want to launch their own gig but have no idea how to manage the "running of the business" part. We gotchu.

We also work with existing women small business owners who are stuck. In a rut. Something isn't right. They're not happy anymore. Blah.

We gotchu too.

We work with women we believe in and genuinely like. We do great work for them, and some even say we change their lives (awww schucks, you shouldn't have 😘), but the truth is that they've changed ours too. It’s the best. Take a look below to check out some of our peeps!


"I was able to start my business from scratch and become profitable immediately.

Not just because RAYNE IX gave me the roadmap for success, but also because they were able to identify things that I should immediately contract out and outsource that were not in my zone of genius. RAYNE IX is a connector. Every partner I needed to start my small business was introduced to me from their robust network of resources and partnerships.

I never once had to google, "I need a great ...", I just asked RAYNE IX."

Lisa Proeber
Founder, The Middle Six