How Coaching Helps You Find Balance As a Small Business Owner

I hear it time and time again (and have said it myself many times): “I just don’t have enough time.” It’s the crux of running a small business; there’s so much to do, and you’re just one person. 

Well, first I’ll say “Delete. Defer. Delegate.” 

Figure out what you need to do, then see what you can delete, what you can push off to bundle at a more appropriate time, and what you can assign to someone else.

Secondly, I’d say, hire a small business coach.

I realize it might not seem intuitive – why hire someone who is going to require yet another meeting? But trust me, this meeting of the minds helps to prioritize and focus on the major things that will move the needle in your business and your life. 

Let’s talk about finding balance as a small business owner.

Get Your Priorities Straight

When you decide to say “yes!” to a small business coach, one of the first orders of business is to get clear on your priorities—and whether you’re doing the most to keep them all straight. A small business coach is adept at weeding through the nonsense and the noise to help you see—and act—clearly. You have all the answers. I’ll say it again: you have all the answers! We just help you find them within yourself to determine what ACTUALLY needs to get done, by who, and how to do it in the most efficient way. 

Chances are you are not actually the one that needs to do this entire task list. So let’s confirm what you do need to do and how to delete, defer, and delegate as needed.

With your priorities in order, your day-to-day will be free from disjointed workflow and unnecessary distractions. As a result, you’ll be more efficient and productive. So what’s the benefit of that? More time. 

More time = more balance.

A Trusted Sounding Board

Running your own business is all about being intentional. You make a million decisions every day and it never gets easier, you just get better. But that still doesn’t mean this isn’t taxing and lonely. So it’s nice to have a safe, confidential sounding board in a coach.

They’ve been where you’ve been. 

They know what it feels like. 

Their perspective offers insight. 

They can lighten the load. Substantially.

When the going gets tough—you have to cut costs, let an employee go, decide whether to take a risk or not—you have a coach to bounce ideas off of. They’ll help you see what you’re missing, provide support, and create space for you to talk through your most pressing challenges. As a result, you’ll get from consideration to decision much quicker, much more efficiently, and with a defining sense of self that you just don’t get trying to bumble through it without a sounding board that gets it. 

Before, you were a lone wolf. With a coach at your side, you’re living a more balanced life as a business owner. It takes a village. 

Break Through Your Blocks

Robert Frost had it right when he said, “The best way out is always through.” No matter which way you slice it, the best way to tackle your challenges is headfirst and work your way through them. Sometimes it just takes asking the right question or a different technique to find a bit of clarity.

Whether it’s goal setting or identifying your biggest blocks (and the solutions you need to overcome them), a small business coach helps you bring out the best in yourself. 

Once you’re operating at the top of your game, you’ll eliminate redundancies, which ultimately gives you more of that precious, limited resource: time. Of course, what you do with that time is up to you, but balance is the name of the game. So spend it on building your business. Go home to your family earlier in the evening. Go to that conference you’ve been dying to attend.

Develop Yourself & Develop Your Business

While many small business coaching relationships often start focusing on business development and strategy, I prefer to start with the person first.

I believe that if you focus on coaching the whole person, the positive impacts to the business will come naturally. If you focus on coaching a certain problem, you’re building band-aid solutions to a recurring wound. People matter most, so let’s put people first.

Additionally, I understand that what you bring to the table—your skillset, blindspots, vision, etc.—impacts your business. You can’t separate yourself from the work you do. 

That’s okay. And in many ways, that’s what sets you apart.

I want to focus on your personal goals and values. Once we are clear on those, we’ll talk about your financial goals. Then we’ll talk about the professional milestones you want to reach to make your financial and personal goals a reality. Along the way, we’ll also likely discuss how developing soft and hard skills can improve relationships, streamline workflow, increase productivity, and more. Ultimately, when you find clarity, invest in yourself, your business pays back in dividends.Find Balance Today

If you’re ready to go to the next level. If you feel stuck. If you need solutions to your most pressing business challenges. If you need more balance. If you need more clarity. Think about coaching as a potential solution. I’d be happy to chat!