For women small businesses owners.

RAYNE IX helps small business owners become more confident leaders, profitable owners, and healthier and happier people by building effective and valuable businesses that align with their personal goals and values through coaching, consulting, and educational resources.

We work primarily with women small business owners, guiding them through the following types of challenges:

  • Building boundaries that allow them to better manage their time
  • Developing key leadership internally and externally to transfer responsibilities
  • Making themselves replaceable so they can be removed from daily operations
  • Working more on the business than in the business
  • Setting and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Developing personal interests and craft a healthier life
  • Establishing and maintaining operational infrastructure
  • Creating and diversifying revenue streams
  • Increasing the value of their business in preparation for sale
  • Transitioning out of their businesses in pursuit of new personal or professional endeavors


Coaching is not here to provide you the answers you're looking for but rather to ask the right questions to help you find the solution that's right for you. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective, a safe space, or the right question or reflection to draw out the clarity you’re seeking. If you’re feeling stuck or feeling like there’s something more but you can’t pinpoint it, let’s chat.


Utilizing various education and real world experience in small business ownership, entrepreneurship, operations, and digital marketing gained over the last 17 years, we provide a strategic planning and consulting services for those seeking:

  • An outside perspective to better align personal and professional goals
  • To create a roadmap for annual and quarterly priorities
  • To replace themselves in their business
  • To transition out of their businesses


We are proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years and are even more thrilled to bring proprietary educational resources to you! Check out our following resources and partnerships: