We help service-based women small business owners build stronger business backends and leverage their companies to build the lives they want.



  • Women small business owners ready to level up their business and make it work for them.
  • Executives who want to launch their coaching/consulting business so they can own their time, schedule, and income potential…and reduce the amount of people they have to manage.
  • Companies who are dedicated to investing in their people and want to increase innovation and leadership within their organization.

We’ve been these people. And we speak from personal experience. We promise, it’s possible to love the work you do and live the life you want. We can help. It’s kind of our jam.


Then we align your business to your personal goals and values to ensure you’re happy with the business you build.

We provide business strategy support and education through the following initiatives:

"Seriously, no one should start a business without RIX."

Lisa Proeber
Founder, The Middle Six


We’ve built the program to end all programs for anyone looking to level up their business or launch and hit the ground running. This the most comprehensive program on the market, for a fraction of cost!

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Are you a CEO/entrepreneur/founder and you’re looking for some help? Maybe you can’t even articulate exactly what it is, but you find yourself saying “man, I just wish someone could tell me what to do next” or “I wish someone could help me find a trusted resource to solve this problem?”

You’re not alone. And that’s why we’re here. Welcome to the CEO Hotline.