Make business personal.

Define individual success. Do work you love.
Take ownership of your life.

We help women build life-changing businesses so they can live lives they love.


We help women reset and realign their businesses to ensure personal fulfillment, operational scalability, and financial freedom.


We help women build and leverage their businesses to increase the value of their company, make themselves replaceable, and create wealth outside of their business while still putting their people first.

What can we help you with?

“Kiley is one of a kind - a champion of women, a furiously curious and inspirational leader, and a phenomenal coach of CEOs. Kiley has supported me as I worked to launch a business and has truly felt like a strategic partner. She has walked beside me and allowed me to honor my value of connection as I have worked to create the business of my dreams. I HIGHLY recommend Kiley to any CEO who is looking to level up in massive ways!”


The Accelerator

This 21-week program is designed to help service-based women business owners reset, realign or level up their business. This program has been hand-crafted to create a safe space for you to build your business on your terms, learn how to scale, make yourself replaceable, and build your leadership team.

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CEO Hotline

This is your opportunity to work 1:1 with Founder, Kiley Peters. Whatever you need from budgeting and forecasting to productization to team management to operational infrastructure to cash flow strategies, she’s here to be your trusted advisor, sounding board, cheerleader, and tough love advocate.

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Intrapreneur Training

This employee leadership development training is for companies interested in investing and upleveling their teams. This program will teach your team to adopt an ownership mindset, create greater impact, lead from within, understand cross-functional roles, and develop new business skill sets.

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We’re an executive leadership consultancy on a mission to help women build life-changing businesses.

Think of us as an extension of your company, your personal advisory board, and your favorite happy hour colleague.

We got you. Let’s do this!

“I’ve been working with Kiley on and off for years now. As a coach, she’s helped me realign my business goals helping us to focus on smarter ways to grow the business that also support my personal goals. As a consultant, she’s helped us map out an annual strategy providing a goal-oriented framework for me and my team to help us tackle major initiatives. I know I can trust her to always act in my best interest and be real with me. She’s full of great insight and super down-to-earth, she’s a gem!”


RIX Webinars

We host a free monthly business strategy webinar series for business owners to better understand their numbers, how to build their business, and how to leverage it to build the life they want.


The Starter Kit

This is an on-demand online course created from the tools, tactics, and processes. This course is perfect for anyone looking to start their own business and isn’t sure where to even begin!

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Financial Analysis

This tool was designed to help those entering entrepreneurship understand the numbers they need to know like: How much do I need to make? What am I going to sell? How long will it take?

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Welcome to Eloma Podcast

This is a podcast for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to become better leaders, people, and pioneers.

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