For service-based small businesses.

RAYNE IX is an executive coaching and consulting company for service-based small business owners seeking personal fulfillment and financial independence.

We work primarily with service-based women small business owners, guiding them through personal and professional growth and transformation via our executive coaching and consulting services. Additionally, we support professional advisors as we know the important role they play in helping small business owners to achieve financial independence.


We approach coaching with the mindset that you already have the answers you’re seeking. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective, a safe space, or the right question or reflection to draw out the clarity you’re seeking. If you’re feeling stuck or feeling like there’s something more but you can’t pinpoint it, let’s chat.


Utilizing various education and real world experience in small business ownership, entrepreneurship, operations, and digital marketing gained over the last 17 years, we provide a variety of consulting services for those seeking:

  • To increase the value of their business
  • To create a business succession plan or exit their business
  • Operational, Business Development, or Marketing Strategy


We are proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years and are even more thrilled to bring proprietary educational resources to you! Check out our following resources and partnerships: