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One of the most effective ways to educate is through hands-on learning. We bring tactical skill sets and tangible takeaways in each of the workshops and speaking engagements below!

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Keynote Topics Include

"Make Business Personal" Keynote (45-60 mins)
So often we go about our days without asking if we’re operating with intention or not. If the work we’re doing is supporting the life we want or not. Until now.

In this insightful presentation, international award-winning serial entrepreneur, Kiley Peters, takes attendees on a transformational journey. She shares The D&A of Success framework, built to define and align success between individuals and the work they do. From helping employees better leverage their intrapreneurial skills to helping executives re-evaluate internal talent alignment all in service of building a life with greater purpose.

Kiley provides opportunities for reflection and personal discovery in the name of defining success for each attendee.


  • Make Business Personal Workshop

    This workshop focuses on defining success at the individual, whole human level and then aligning their ideal work with their personal definition of success. This is a great workshop for any organization struggling with culture, inclusivity, retention, or maximizing team potential and fulfillment.

  • Building Confidence by Unlocking Imposter Syndrome

    This workshop is for those who are being asked to innovate, create something that has no defined blueprint for success, and think outside the box, there is no predefined surefire way to win! This workshop unlocks the secrets to overcoming imposter syndrome and tools to help course correct when you start questioning yourself in the future.

  • Increasing Productivity & Profitability by Maximizing Time & Energy

    We need to focus on optimizing our time and energy so we focus on what we are uniquely capable of doing. In this workshop, attendees will walk through exercises to identify how to better manage their time and energy, learn the art of delegation, and discover how to use freed up time to increase profitability and productivity.

  • Adopting an Ownership Mindset

    When we don’t take ownership over the decisions we make, we end up blindly following. Adopting an ownership mindset requires a deep sense of self, curiosity, and accountability. In this workshop, attendees will learn to foster an ownership mindset over themselves, the decisions they make, and the work they do. We will also explore topics of determination, resilience, and embracing failure.

  • Getting Curious About Purpose, People & Problems

    We need to identify the purpose for our initiative, the problems we are solving and who we are serving before we can hope to make any kind of meaningful forward progress. In this workshop, attendees will discover the business purpose to address, put themselves in their audiences footsteps to ensure empathy is a driving force in identifying the problems they solve and psychological and societal factors that dictate who we serve.

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