There are 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States alone. That means there are 12.3 million definitions of what it means to be “successful.” 

At RAYNE IX, helping women entrepreneurs succeed on their terms is our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). We believe that defining what personal success looks like–and then aligning that with your business vision–is how to live the life and run the business you truly want. 

Many of us have done it the other way around–started a business first, and have then shoehorned our lives around it. But is that really working? We wanted to find out.

So…we did. We conducted a proprietary, attitudinal research study to find out how women business owners define success, what role other women play in that success, and what they’re doing to live fulfilling lives of their design. 200+ women across the United States gave us their insights, and now we’re sharing those results with you.

Our Defining Success Research
Insight Into:

  • A high-level overview of the three attitudinal segments of women who took our survey–Believers, Support Seekers, and Parity Perceivers
  • Why women go into business and the challenges they face
  • Perceived gender differences in business ownership
  • How women use their business to support their personal definition of success
  • Whether women consider exit planning as part of their business strategy

Here’s how you can explore the data: 

Raw Visualization Data

Like to nerd out on graphs, charts, and numbers? Yeah, us too. Dive into the raw research data (below) to gain a better understanding of our findings across the three main types of women small business owners identified in our research–Believers, Support Seekers, and Parity Perceivers.

This research covers the
following topics:

The relationship between a WSBO’s
personal success and their business vision.

How much women both rely on and support other women in their business or professional endeavors.

How successful women business owners think about their businesses–and
what role being a woman truly plays. 

What unites women small business owners–
and what sets them apart.

A few key takeaways from this
research includes:


Why WSBO’s Start Their Businesses

Personal Definition of Success

WSBO as Identity

WSBOs and Exit Planning