Once you get your new business up and running, don’t think we’re just going to shove you off a cliff and hope you fly all on your own! (Which you absolutely could do because you're amazing and badass, but it can be scary out there…)

We have a handful of continuing support opportunities for you based on your needs!



If you’re looking for a budget-friendly type of executive support, this is the spot! One-on-one support is incredibly powerful, but it’s not always something all budgets can afford. This is a great option for the entrepreneur who is still feeling things out and just wants a little support system to help them on their journey.



If you’re running into an obstacle, whether easily named or not, this is a great option for you. We have half-day and full-day intensives available in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we will sit down with you, roll up our sleeves, and help in whatever way you need.



This is a great option if you know you need 1:1 dedicated support across a myriad of topics. The only agenda here is yours and we know things come up and change on a daily basis. So revel in this 1:1 time to work through whatever you need - personally or professionally.