You’ve bought into a franchise. You’re pumped. You’re loving it.
They’ve given you so much information on how to run the specifics of said franchise.

But what about the rest?

What about the accounting? The tax strategies that can save you more of the money you make? What about ensuring this new business actually helps you build the life you want for yourself? How do you lead if you’ve never lead before?

That’s where we come in. Business ownership is no walk in the park. It takes time, dedication, and grit and oftentimes a lot of answers to questions you don’t even know you’re supposed to ask!

In this Business Masterclass for Franchise Owners, we share answers to a lot of the questions you’ve probably never asked. And we share guidance on a lot of elements of business ownership you may be struggling to manage right now.

"I wish I had this information prior to buying a business.
This was the information I was looking for and didn’t know existed."

Alicia Sitting
Board & Brush Franchise Owner

You’ll learn from these top business owners and industry leaders:

  • Kiley Peters (Strategy) Founder, RAYNE IX
  • Nesha Pai (Accounting) Founder, Pai CPA
  • Amy Blain (Sales) Founder, Shatter
  • Leah Roe (Leadership Coaching) Founder, The Perk
  • Kate Carter (Inner Life Coach) Founder, Kate Carter Coaching
  • Mary Cate Spires (Email Marketing) Partner, Harley James Consulting
  • Ashton Henry (Social Media) Founder, Small Studio
  • Dawn Hryshko (Tax Strategy) Founder, Orsa Consulting
  • Sarah Tilkens (Operations) Founder, The KPI Lab
  • Jamie Klingman (Exit Strategy) Co-Founder, Blackbird Partners


It starts with YOU!

  • Defining Your Personal Purpose
  • Optimizing Your Time + Energy
  • Building Your Personal Action Plan for Execution
  • Analyzing Your Personal Living Expenses + Identifying Needed Resources


You gotta know your numbers!

  • Key Business Calculations
  • Accounting Basics


Craft your strategies.

  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Email Marketing & Social Media Best Practices
  • Sales Strategy
  • CEO Leadership Training
  • Fearless Coaching Training
  • Tax Strategy
  • Exit Strategy + Selling Your Business


Make your business work for you.

  • Operations + Process Improvement
  • Company Goal Setting & Strategic Planning

"This is 100% worth the investment. Kiley and the other speakers a wealth of knowledge in all things business."

Rachel Proeber
Board & Brush Franchise Owner

one-time investment

This program will save you real time and money by not paying unnecessary taxes and streamlining your backend business operations. Trust us. We went through it the hard way!

You’ll also gain access to The Starter Kit as an added bonus, an additional $295 value!