See below for what to expect and our packages.

We offer executive coaching and consulting for women small business owners. What's the difference? A coach will guide you through reflective questions to help you find and achieve the future you desire for yourself. A consultant will provide advice and/or execute deliverables to help grow your business. Our approach includes a combination of both.


A supportive partnership to help you become a better you.

We have a six month program that meets every other week. During our time together, we'll likely address some or all of the following:

  • Identify your personal values
  • Build your leadership and decision-making skills
  • Identify your internal naysayers and learn how to manage them
  • Identify and remove obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Explore new perspectives
  • Build better time management and work/life balance
  • Create productive and healthier habits and relationships

Now, every coaching relationship is different. We will work on timely topics that arise in real-time in addition to the topics outlined above. Our goal is to help you continue to grow and become a better you.

"I've been working with Kiley over the past year.
She has been SO helpful coaching me through some big transitions in my business.
Would highly recommend working with her!"

Amanda Nowak
Owner, The Simple Home

Our coaching services may be a great fit
if you’re seeking:

A C-Suite coach or colleague to talk to
Clarity and purpose in your life/business
Coaching on a specific topic
Dedicated time to work on your personal and professional goals
Support outside of your business, friends, and family
A more fulfilling and intentional life
Greater alignment in your life

Our coaching package includes:

(1) 30-Minute Discovery Call
(1) 30-Minute Sample Coaching
Coaching Agreement + Designed Alliance
Deep Dive Questionnaire Homework & Survey
(1) 90-Minute Deep Dive Kickoff
Ongoing Support & Communication
(11) 45/60-Minute Coaching Zoom Calls
Bi-Weekly for 6 Months
Ongoing Homework, Reflections & Accountability
90-Day Progress Survey
6-Month Progress Surveys
Ongoing Coaching As Desired


Starter Package

$500/month (5 months)

+ $1,500 Initial Deposit

What to Expect:
New Client Onboarding
90-Minute Deep Dive Kickoff
Ongoing Support
(11) 45/60-Minute Zoom Calls
Ongoing Homework, Reflections & Accountability
Insights & Personal Transformation

Extension Package


What to Expect:
Ongoing Support
(12) 45/60-Minute Zoom Calls
Ongoing Homework, Reflections & Accountability
Insights & Personal Transformation

Starter Package is a Prerequisite

As-Needed Package


What to Expect:
(1) 45/60-Minute Zoom Call

Starter Package is a Prerequisite

It is important that you find the right coach for you. It is entirely possible we will not be the right fit for one another and that’s A-OK. The important thing is that you find a coach that is the right fit for you! If we end up not being the right match, we are happy to provide recommendations for other coaches that may be a better fit.