For owners and
their businesses.

We believe business owners need to build their businesses in alignment with their personal definition of success to live the lives they want. However, first we need to do a bit of digging to figure out that definition. 

It’s your life, let’s make sure we’re really clear on what YOU want. Then we’re going to map out a game plan to ensure your business helps you make it happen.

We’ve designed a two-part series to fully flesh out this game plan based on the challenges you’re facing.



Solopreneurs: Starting at $12.5k
Partners: $15k
Teams: $18k 


"I've been working with Kiley on and off for years now. As a coach, she's helped me realign my business goals helping us to focus on smarter ways to grow the business that also support my personal goals. As a consultant, she's helped us map out an annual strategy providing a goal-oriented framework for me and my team to help us tackle major initiatives. I know I can trust her to always act in my best interest and be real with me. She's full of great insight and super down-to-earth, she's a gem!"

Maggie Joos
Owner, The Real Good Life

Defining Owner Success Workshop (Part 1)


In this half-day virtual workshop, we will:

  • Define what success means to you, in all areas of life.
  • Identify who you are meant to serve.
  • Discover your unique strengths and value you can offer the world.
  • Clarify the work you thrive doing and should focus your time on.
  • Name your personal purpose and identify ways to activate it.
  • Define your goals or desired experiences personally, financially, and professionally for the next 90 days, 12-18 months, and long-term future.
  • Build a roadmap of benchmarks, habits to be formed, and necessary resources and timelines to achieve those goals/experiences.

Aligning Business Success Workshop (Part 2)


In this 2-day in person workshop, we will:

  • Establish your company’s core principles (Vision, Mission, Values, Goals).
  • Identify the people you serve, the problems they have/aspirations they're seeking, and their customer journey.
  • Clearly state how you solve their problems/help them achieve their aspirations, how you add additional value, and simultaneously build a referral system.
  • Identify and productize your service offerings. We’ll help you understand the numbers, ensure profitability, and figure out how to add additional value with upsell or extension options.
  • Create three-year financial projections.
  • Identify your core differentiator to apply to all marketing materials.
  • Three (3) 90-minute Quarterly Virtual Check-In Workshops

NOTE: If you’re a small business just getting started and interested in working together please reach out. For emerging brands, we can begin this comprehensive series at $8k as your needs are likely not as robust as more established businesses.