At RAYNE IX we offer a few different workshops, most of which focus on our proprietary D+A of Success framework, which focuses on defining success for the owner first and then building a business strategy that aligns with their personal goals and values.




This 1:1 workshpo is perfect for those owners who want the full kit and kaboodle. This is our most in-depth program. You'll have 1:1 attention from one of our business coaches for an entire year as you build your business.

Pricing: Starting at $12,500



In this three-day in-person immersive business retreat we'll give you the practical tools to help you take your business from here to there, wherever "there" is for you and wherever you are in your journey.

This is a great event for those just getting started and we've also built the content to be applicable to those who have been in business for years and are seeking change, greater fulfillment, or realignment of their strategy.

Pricing: Starting at $1,495



This single-day workshop is perfect for franchises, associations, and corporations that have teams which operate their own book of business, such as financial advisors, real estate agents, and insurance agents. For any organization that wants to empower the women on their team to gain greater clarity on what matters most to them and leverage the qualities that are unique to them by infusing them into the work they do. We also review financials and cashflow management. 

This is the only workshop out there that focuses first on the people on your team and then gives them the tools to be even more successful in the work they do than they already are in an environment that fosters psychological safety and professional prowess.

Pricing: Starting at $20k
(discounts available for groups of 24 or more)



We know entrepreneurship can be lonely, but the beautiful thing is, you don’t have to do it alone.

These 6-month cohorts will begin in January and July with the option for annual renewal. Each cohort will be limited to 5-8 women and will be determined by the information shared in the onboarding application. We will vet all candidates to ensure each cohort is set up for success and you are paired up with women who are having similar challenges as you.

Pricing: $350/month