Brainchild StudiosĀ® is the international award-winning audience research and content strategy partner for equity-centered brands building smarter businesses and a RAYNE IX partner.

Brainchild Studios excels at audience research and content strategy and execution and acts as a natural extension of any existing team, regardless of size. If you have an assistant that needs help with strategy, a one-off project that requires additional short-term support, or an existing marketing team that needs senior-level expertise, this team of seasoned experts is well versed in industry best practices, has deep roots in thought leadership content creation, and can ebb and flow with the needs of your business.


By outsourcing your marketing needs, you will:

  • Gain time to do what you uniquely do best
  • Reduce the need to hire, train, develop, and manage team members
  • Reduce overhead operational costs
  • Reduce time for completion
  • Reduce risk in assessing the right talent

If any of that sounds appealing to you, might be worth a conversation!


Brainchild Studios specializes in helping visionaries with big goals seeking growth through thought leadership content in the following ways:

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Audience Research
  • Content Strategy & Content Creation

From logo development and brand books to audience research and annual research reports to content strategy and execution, Brainchild Studios is your go-to when it comes to understanding your audience and building your business.


Equity-centered brands. They share many similar values as we do here at RAYNE IX and are most interested in working with companies looking to make the world a better place.

Often times they are best suited to work with B2B service-based companies with a $100k or more annual marketing budget.

Their team of experts collectively average seven to twelve years of experience in their respective fields and bring decades of experience spanning hundreds of companies from local small businesses to global enterprises.

If you're looking to build strategies that are rooted in audience data, gain new leads and close more business, this team of trusted seasoned experts is exactly what you're looking for. See below for a snapshot of their clients.