Welcome To Eloma Episode 67 – Leveraging Psychology in Business with Tim Ash

“Human evolution is largely a tribe on tribe competition. So being a tribal loyalist and transmitting that cultural package reliably, that’s our survival edge,” explains Tim Ash, founder of Primal Brain, international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. Tim’s career path from exiting his digital marketing agency to consulting and speaking was largely influenced by his background in evolutionary psychology. Today, Tim speaks on how to leverage evolutionary psychology to your advantage within your business.

Successful entrepreneurship is primarily based in storytelling, which is all about transmitting cultural knowledge to others. Transmitting this information was a matter of life and death in the early days of humanity and even now, humans are hardwired to seek this tribal connectivity. Great digital marketing should build off the basic principles of storytelling. If you are looking to sell your product or service, appeal to peoples’ emotions through sharing your story, as people inherently make decisions based on their emotions. In addition to using psychology to guide your sales and marketing strategies, it can be applied to managing your business as well. For example, Tim recommends starting with your hardest task that takes the most conscious thought first, as there is a limited amount of brain energy available to you. He also shares the shocking fact that caffeine is not actually a stimulant, nor does it act as a replacement for getting enough sleep.

When you understand how the brain works and why it evolved to function in these ways, it becomes easier to understand how to build connections with others and how to influence their decision making process. No matter how far humans have come since first evolving, the brain continues to work in the same ways, constantly scanning the environment for danger, seeking tribal networks for a sense of security, and making decisions based on emotional response. 


  • “Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice.” (5:00-5:05 | Tim) 
  • “Human evolution is largely a tribe on tribe competition. So being a tribal loyalist and transmitting that cultural package reliably, that’s our survival edge.” (8:11-8:20 | Tim)
  • “All major psychiatric conditions involve a sleep disturbance.” (10:03-10:08 | Tim)
  • “No decision gets made without emotion.” (18:17-18:19 | Tim) 
  • “Tackle your hardest problem, the one that requires the most conscious thought, first.” (24:46-24:51 | Tim)


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