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Welcome To Eloma Episode 57: Expanding Your Business via Lead Generation with Stephanie Melnick

“We really set out to build a community, and that's really how it's coming together,” shares Stephanie Melnick, attorney and owner of Melnick & Melnick,  a Milwaukee law firm that serves small businesses and their owners. Stephanie is also the founder of She Stands Tall, a speaker series featuring women entrepreneurs. Recently she took over Milwaukee’s Women Entrepreneurship Week. Today, she discusses how to use lead generation events and activities to expand your business.

Lead generation activities and events are a great way to expand your business and foster local community at the same time. Women small business owners tend to really excel when it comes to supporting one another. By hosting or even just attending events, you can expand your network with other like minded business owners. As entrepreneurs, it is important to remember that it is always okay to ask for help. You do not have to do everything by yourself. Build a community that you can lean on because we can all achieve so much more by working together. 

When you build a strong community, everyone benefits. No matter what stage of business you are in, there is always more to learn and someone who will have more knowledge than you. By expanding your network, you can learn from one another and grow your businesses to larger heights.



  • “We really set out to build a community, and that's really how it's coming together.” (16:26-16:33 | Stephanie)
  • “Some of it is just increasing our network, learning about more people that are doing this and trying to help figure out how we can do it together.” (21:19-21:31 | Stephanie)
  • “If you're going to add something to your business that's related, but not, you’ve got to ask for help.” (24:45-24:50 | Stephanie)
  • “We stand taller together.” (32:31-32:32 | Stephanie)


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