Welcome To Eloma Episode 66 – Leading by Example with Kailei Carr

“Leaders don’t lead buildings, and products and services. They lead people and they serve people,” explains Kailei Carr, award winning speaker, executive coach and founder of the Asbury group. Today, Kailei talks about the importance of harnessing your personal power, discovering your “why,” and managing your energy as entrepreneurs to properly show up as your best leader. She also shares tips on how to gain clarity on your true strengths and how to serve others to your greatest potential. Tune in for more insight from this international leader.

There are three essential components to being a great leader. First, is understanding your personal power. Your personal power is what sets you apart and enables you to make an impact on the world in a way that no one but YOU can make. This usually comes from a combination of your strengths and experiences. Secondly, it’s important to really be clear on your ‘why’. When you are clear on your ‘why’ and are able to communicate to your team how their work contributes to it, they will be more motivated. Lastly, it is so critical as a leader that you manage your own energy. Your team is looking to you as an example for how to behave. If you are not taking care of yourself and are overworking yourself constantly, this will set the tone for everyone else. 

Being a leader is all about serving others to the best of your ability and making a positive impact on the world around you through your unique strengths. By fully embracing your personal power and behaving in a way that makes your team feel appreciated and supported, you showcase what it truly means to lead by example.  


  • “Understanding what works best for you is crucial when looking for a great coach.” (8:44-8:50 | Kailei)
  • “Your personal power allows you to make an impact in a way that nobody else can.” (17:44-17:50 | Kailei)
  • “People are motivated by the ‘why’ behind it. So if they know the impact that can be made by their work and how their work applies and impacts the whole and the collective, then they are more motivated.” (18:59-19:16 | Kailei)
  • “Managing your energy is so important, especially when you have teams, because you set the tone.” (19:37-19:43 | Kailei)
  • “The best leaders are the best human beings first.” (26:41-26:45 | Kailei)
  • “Leaders don’t lead buildings, and products and services. They lead people and they serve people.” (26:49-26:55 | Kailei)


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