Welcome To Eloma EP59 – Creating More Free Time with Jenny Blake

“We all have room to be so much more intentional about calendar design,” shares Jenny Blake, podcast host and author. Her newest book, Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business, emphasizes ways business owners can implement smarter systems powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. Jenny’s mission is to help save not only business owners’ time, but everyone involved in the business. 

It can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs to build free time into their schedules. This is especially true in the beginning when they tend to be wearing many hats and when they may not have all their systems in place yet. Studies have shown that while doing everything by yourself can lead to burnout, having too large of a team to manage can also cause difficulties. Jenny explains that there is a sort of ‘Goldilocks’ team size that will differ based on the preferences of the business owner and the type of business they are running. By designing scalability and recurring revenue streams into your business model and delegating tasks outside of your zone of genius to others, you will find that you have more free time available.

Time is an incredibly important and precious resource. When you can gift yourself back free time to spend with yourself or your loved ones, you will be happier in your business and less likely to burn out. 


  • “In terms of free time, I also want to help save business owners time of having to document really useful ways to work to set everybody’s time free, not just the owner, but everybody who’s a part of it, and do it in a way that’s heart based.” (2:41-2:55 | Jenny)
  • “The goal is for every area of the business, really look at the stuff that you love and want to do and are great at doing. And then sometimes you have to take that big leap and invest more than you think or more than you’re ready to offload it to somebody who knows what they’re doing more than you.” (18:01-18:15 | Jenny) 
  • “We all have room to be so much more intentional about calendar design.” (19:37-19:41 | Jenny) 
  • “I really do encourage you to have at least one other person working in the business.” (25:30-25:33 | Jenny)


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