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Welcome. This is officially the very first episode of Welcome to Eloma. And I’m so thrilled that you’ve chosen to join me. Welcome to Eloma is a space. It’s a space where we can explore and create and build and question. The truth is that Welcome to Eloma has been in the works for a while now, but honestly, I was too afraid to launch it because naturally, I wanted it to be perfect. Now, of course, I know it won’t be perfect, because it’s based on humans and people and well, we’re not perfect and I’m not perfect. So this is my disclaimer that I will do my very best to make this show as worthwhile as I possibly can, but I am human and flawed. So if I fall short in certain circumstances, I apologize for that in advance. You’ve been warned. But what can you expect here on the Welcome to Eloma podcast?

Well, I’m hoping to bring on business owners, entrepreneurs, experts, real resources, and stories of experiences that hopefully you can relate to and align with and inspire you and make you realize that you’re not alone in this journey that you’re on. This is an all-inclusive space, but I’m hoping to create a space for what I’m calling, highly ambitious dreamers who get shit done. I think that’s an important element because it’s been my experience that there are plenty of dreamers out there and that’s all well and good. I love me a dreamer, right? Dreamers are the ones who change the world, but it’s the dreamers who take action and do something, those are the ones who really change the world because there’s the action that’s taken. So Welcome to Eloma, Eloma is really a place for the people who want to change the world.

You might be asking, “Okay, what is Eloma? This all sounds really great, Kiley, but are you making up words?” To my knowledge, I don’t believe I’m making up words, at least that’s what Google told me, but for anyone who knows me, I love words and meanings and have done a lot of research on them or am just curious about words. But Eloma really came to me in the fall of 2021 and it means action-oriented, pioneer, natural leader, independent, strong-willed, positive, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, brave, and innovative. So that felt really appropriate and aligned. Also, I just think the word sounds cool. So that’s what we’re calling this space. This space is Eloma. You also might be saying, “Okay, well, why do you keep calling this a space?” Well, in 2021, I was working with my coach, Leah Rowe, and shout out to Leah, she’s amazing. But she helped me realize that I need space to build and think and create and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

So then I started playing with this idea of space. It can really mean a lot of different things. So this podcast is one of the first spaces that I am trying to create to have conversations around curiosity and learning and business and entrepreneurship and human, personal growth, and all of those fun things. It was in one of my sessions with Leah that I said, “I’m frustrated because I just feel like I am from a different planet.” Not to freak anybody out, I don’t think I’m a psychopath nor do I believe I’m an alien, but I just felt like I didn’t align with a lot of the people and the expectations that were considered normal or average or expected. I was like, “I feel like I just belong from… like I’m from somewhere else.”

That doesn’t make me better or worse than anybody else. It’s just different. I’m trying to find my people. I think the way that I would describe my people and create a space for my quote-unquote people, is people who have similar values. People who have a similar work ethic, people who care about other people, people who want equality and equal opportunities for humans, and people who want to make a change and take action to make change. So that can obviously mean all kinds of different things. But I think that’s what my people are. I show up in that space in a lot of ways from a business perspective, in terms of entrepreneurship, but that’s just the lane I know. I think that definition of my people if you will, can apply to so many different things. So please take that in any type of alignment that resonates well for you.

So again, I’ve created this as a space to explore. I love to travel. I love adventure. I love asking questions. I love curiosity. I love meeting people who make me think differently and exploring new cultures that I didn’t know about and make me a better person for having the opportunity to explore them or experience them in any type of way. So this is a place to explore. It’s a place to be kind. It’s a place to be curious. It’s a place to acknowledge we don’t know what we don’t know, but man, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn more and explore further and change things. So that’s what I’m hoping to do here. I hope that it’s fun. I hope I make you laugh. I hope my guests make you laugh. I hope I make you think. I hope I make you question.

I hope you find some sense of community in knowing that if anything I just said resonates with you, that you’re not alone and we can create spaces and communities for people who feel similarly. This is for all of those people and anyone that they choose to bring with them again in an inclusive space because if you resonate with anything I just said, you know that you didn’t get here alone and that we need community. And we need people of all shapes and sizes and strengths and capabilities to help us do the work that we want to do. So I welcome you to join me in this space that I call, Eloma. So I hope you have fun. Welcome!

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Kiley Small Business Strategist

Kiley Peters is a serial entrepreneur and small business strategist. She built and exited an international award winning agency to launch her executive consultancy helping women live the lives they want through entrepreneurship. She is on a mission to help 1 million women build more financially free and fulfilling lives through her founding of RAYNE IX–an executive consultancy helping women fast-track the launch and growth of their consulting practice so they can have greater flexibility, autonomy, and ownership of their lives –and The 100 Collective, a membership and directory for women service-based small business owners who are committed to helping other women succeed. She’s also the host of Welcome to Eloma, a podcast for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to become better leaders, people, and pioneers.

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