Welcome To Eloma Episode 39: Leading with Creativity and Imagination with Beth Inglish

“Our imagination is where it all begins. Creativity is really the act of putting that imagination into process,” explains Beth Inglish, keynote speaker. As a keynote speaker, Beth helps organizations to improve their culture and engagement. Today, Beth joins host Kiley Peters to talk about the creative process and how to incorporate creativity and imagination into leadership. 

We tend to think of creativity in terms of artistic talent, but truly we all have the capacity for creativity. In fact, we engage in creative processes every single day. The beauty of creativity is that anything we can imagine, we can make happen. When leaders lean into creativity, they improve their overall communication with their teams. People want to engage more with leaders who are open-minded, curious, and willing to listen to new ideas and work with them on the process. Being open to imagination and the creative process is vital for being a good leader.

Do you think of yourself as not being creative? The truth is, you are probably a lot more creative in your daily life than you even realize. Learn how to embrace creativity in non artistic ways and discover how thinking creatively can help you to improve as a leader.



  • “Whether or not you can create music or art, it doesn't matter. Those are skills that are developed with creativity. We were all created on this earth to create, it's as simple as that.” (2:08-2:22 | Beth)
  • “Simply by putting an outfit together in the morning, or cooking a meal. These are all opportunities for us to create, even in the smallest ways. And if we can do the small things, we can do the big things.” (3:10-3:21 | Beth)
  • “When people say, ‘I'm not creative,’ what they're really saying is, ‘I don't think I have any artistic skill.’ But really, they're cutting themselves short. Because when you say ‘I'm not creative,’ you're automatically putting a block on your creativity.” (4:01-4:19 | Beth)
  • “Creativity is meant to be freeing. It's meant to give us endless possibilities. You think the sky's the limit or whatever, you hear all these cliche things, it's because it's possible. It truly is. We're only limited by what our mind believes is possible. So start with your mind and then get into your body.” (6:00-6:18 | Beth)
  • “Our imagination is where it all begins. Creativity is really the act of putting that imagination into process.” (8:19-8:26 | Beth)
  • “Leadership is not about us, it’s about the people we serve. And if we're not listening to the people we serve, then we don't have all the information we need to be effective leaders.” (14:12-14:20 | Beth)
  • “There's just so much beauty in the creating process to know that we can make whatever it is that we want possible.” (30:00-30:06 | Beth)


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