Welcome To Eloma Episode 28: Building Vendor Relationships with Amanda Mattefs

“Getting creative in this space is what all of us have had to do to survive in this kind of environment right now,” explains Amanda Mattefs, Owner and CEO of Apricity Creative Agency, a graphic design company, and Charcuter-Me, an elevated charcuterie company. Today, Amanda joins host Kiley Peters to talk about how building vendor relationships within the local community has helped her business to grow while also enabling her to help other local entrepreneurs. 

Amanda decided to create her charcuterie business during the pandemic as a way to give people a unique date experience while they were stuck at home. She also saw it as a great opportunity to support other small businesses by making relationships within the local food and beverage community. She ended up joining a group called Let’s Talk Women which is a group of local women business owners in the industry who work together to give the space for all women to succeed. Amanda shares that in today’s age it is all about getting creative and finding new ways to run your business such as pooling resources together with other business owners to buy produce in bulk. 

When local entrepreneurs work together there is no limit to what they can achieve for their businesses and the community. Learn more about how Amanda got her business up and running during the pandemic and how she formed relationships with other businesses and members of the community in order to not only survive, but thrive during these uncertain times. 



  • “I needed a commercial kitchen so I reached out to people in the community, and they were so grateful. They’re like, ‘there’s a space available downtown in Cathedral Square. You can probably use a little bit of this’ There was, just in the kitchen, another food truck already working out of the space. So it was kind of shared.” (5:28-5:43 | Amanda)
  • “One of our last meetings was just, ‘Hey, if you need this, or you might need it in a month, why don’t we just buy it in bulk? And then kind of divvy it up just so all of us can kind of get it at a better price.’ It’s all about the community factor.” (10:40-10:53 | Amanda)
  • “Yes, there’s competition, but there’s room for everybody. And if we all work together, we can all succeed during this time when it is so uncertain. Why not empower all these women to just do better and be better now? We can all exist somewhere in that spine.” (11:45-12:01 | Amanda)
  • “Getting creative in this space is what all of us have had to do to survive in this kind of environment right now.” (14:30-14:39 | Amanda)



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Amanda’s Bio

Amanda Mattefs is a Milwaukee Native, proud-Wisconsinite, and avid traveler. She has lived in both the US and abroad, and is happy to have found her permanent home back in Wisconsin. She is a graphic designer by trade, and owns both a graphic design company called Apricity Creative Agency, as well as Charcuter-Me, a elevated charcuterie grazing board company.

Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, Amanda had dreams of being a broadcaster and ended up in marketing and graphic design. Moved to San Diego for 8 years, started a graphic design company, moved home in 2018, started Charcuter-Me in 2020 admist the pandemic. 

Kiley Small Business Strategist

Kiley Peters is a serial entrepreneur and small business strategist. She built and exited an international award winning agency to launch her executive consultancy helping women live the lives they want through entrepreneurship. She is on a mission to help 1 million women build more financially free and fulfilling lives through her founding of RAYNE IX–an executive consultancy helping women fast-track the launch and growth of their consulting practice so they can have greater flexibility, autonomy, and ownership of their lives –and The 100 Collective, a membership and directory for women service-based small business owners who are committed to helping other women succeed. She’s also the host of Welcome to Eloma, a podcast for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to become better leaders, people, and pioneers.

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