Welcome To Eloma Episode 31: Building Business Owners' Personal Wealth with Ali Nasser

“What is your end goal for the company and what actions can you take right now to help get you closer to that end goal? And if you haven't identified the end goal, that first step is to say, ‘Hey, here's my end goal’,” explains Ali Nasser, #1 Amazon bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, CEO, and wealth and life strategist. Ali is dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals for their companies and in both their financial and personal lives. To do this, he uses his own personal experience with entrepreneurship to empower other business owners. Today, Ali joins host Kiley Peters to talk about how business owners can build their personal wealth. 

Entrepreneurs often forget to stop and think about what the actual end goal is for their business. In order to capture success, you have to first know what your goal is and how the business will create personal value for you. Some ways a business can create value is through succession, if you plan to pass your business down to a family member, it could help you to obtain financial freedom and independence, and it can be a fantastic way to capture your life’s work in a tangible way. When you know what the end goal is, you can gather the right team and resources to help you achieve that goal. Gaining wealth is all well and good, but without a purpose the most successful business in the world will fail to bring fulfillment. 

Entrepreneurs tend to have very busy and overwhelming lives and can lose sight of their own importance and the purpose that led them to want to start a business in the first place. In order to truly create lasting personal wealth and benefit from owning a business, it is important to really understand how to capture your success. There is a lot of strategy involved and it can be too much to accomplish without the right team behind you. Tune into this episode of Welcome To Eloma to learn more about the importance of building personal wealth alongside developing your business as an entrepreneur.



  • “When you spend time with entrepreneurs, you realize how purpose has driven their whole life.” (4:25-4:31 | Ali)
  • “You need to know your end goal for the company. And most business owners, we're really good at getting things started, we usually have some team members and support to help get things finished.” (6:43-6:54 | Ali)
  • “How are you actually taking the business success that you've built and turning it into a capture strategy, and developing the personal plans that can support that business success?” (8:30-8:41 | Ali) 
  • “Don't underestimate the importance of you. You're the central part of your company. You're the central part of  the cash flow and income for your family. You're an integral part of your IP and your vision.’ You not being there is so impactful when you're an entrepreneur because you're connected to everything. So don't underestimate the importance of you and take the time to plan for you.” (13:47-14:20 | Ali)
  • “What is your end goal for the company? And what actions can you take right now to help get you closer to that end goal? And if you haven't identified the end goal, that first step is to say, ‘Hey, here's my end goal’.” (24:20-24:33 | Ali)
  • “It’s all in our mind…Our minds are the lens through which we experience the world, so if we can control our minds, we can essentially control the world. Because it's our reality. You can have all the money in the world, you can have freedom of time, freedom of relationships, freedom of your intention, direction, but if you don't have freedom from your mind, you are going to limit your experience. And in many cases, you can have every cup otherwise filled, but if you don't have freedom from your mind, you might be suffering.” (35:21-36:15 | Ali) 


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Ali's Bio

Ali Nasser is a #1 Amazon best selling author, a passionate entrepreneur, communicator, and life enthusiast. His goal is to help business owners find their best path forward.

After serving as a guide and partner to some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs for almost two decades, Ali identified three critical dilemmas challenging their minds.

He has successfully turned those challenges into opportunities via the Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs™ and in his book, "The Business Owner's Dilemma” Ali reveals how business owners can integrate business, wealth, and life decisions to create the life experience they truly desire.

Kiley Executive Coach & Consultant

Kiley Peters is a serial entrepreneur, national speaker, executive coach, and small business consultant. Having personally counseled over 100 small and medium-sized businesses on operations, business development, digital marketing, and consumer behavior analysis over the last 17 years Kiley is incredibly passionate about serving small business owners. She is the Founder and CEO of Brainchild Studios, a research and business strategy partner for small businesses and mid-market executives, and also created the Work From Home Playbook, a series of online courses guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the steps of starting a virtual business. With these experiences in her back pocket, she understands the challenges and struggles small business owners encounter. 

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