The Middle Six: Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding

The Middle Six is a lean sales, business development, and talent optimization consulting firm, and their value proposition is crystal clear: they exist to redefine and standardize sales. This woman-owned business is determined to change the mindset that sales is a dirty word. For The Middle Six, sales are both a science and an art.

Lisa Proeber, owner of The Middle Six, is an innovative sales leader and business development strategist with nearly 20 years of experience under her belt. She’s shattered sales goals for companies of all shapes and sizes– small family businesses all the way to giant S&P 500 companies. Simply put, she and her team know what it takes to increase sales revenue.

When Lisa came to RAYNE IX, she was in need of an entire brand identity to launch the business on the right foot. In our initial discussions, it was clear that Lisa wanted sales to be an equal opportunity activity–that any and every business should feel empowered to be successful at sales, that they should feel connected to their sales processes, and that they can treat sales as a positive and optimistic experience (no used car salesman vibes here).

It was with that connected, approachable vibe that worked with Lisa to design The Middle Six’s logo, font book, and color palette: a wordmark with a unique 6-circle graphic. The brand’s colors balance between two blues–the mark of confidence and security– and a complimentary orange accent used sparingly. Two fonts – Sophia Pro and Poppins – complement the geometric logo.

The Middle Six’s graphic treatments reinforce the brand’s unique TruSPEX, that sales are equal parts art and science. Grid circle patterns represent a methodical process, while unique elements like photography and lines are layered in to represent the artistic angle. The brand’s photography is human-centered and candid to balance out the visual identity–capturing small business owners (and The Middle Six team) confidently engaged in all parts of the sales process, from training to closing.

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