Logo & Branding

Amy Blain is the mind behind Shatter. After spending nearly a decade as an Employee Benefits Advisor in a male-dominated space, she decided to venture out on her own. 

Shatter is the evolution of Amy’s expertise from putting people first at mid-sized companies to putting community first – and her vision is for women to maximize their economic power and shatter preconceived notions of success. Client by client, she’s shattering glass ceilings and ditching outdated social norms. 

For Amy, it was imperative that the idea of breaking through become a foundation element of her business identity, and that’s where we began when we started to work together on her visual brand.

The logo we ultimately created for Shatter focused on broken-apart letter forms reinforcing those themes of breaking through (shattering the glass ceiling) and pieces coming together (how she looks at building community). Through shades of dark and light blue, pink, yellow, and peach, we set up Shatter’s visual branding to convey brightness, boldness, and warmth.

Additional brand graphics we created for Shatter reinforce Amy’s vision. The shapes that make up the brand graphics–lines and circles–represent the hard and soft skills that come together to make success. Some of the graphics show the shapes shattering or floating, while others show the graphics coming together as building blocks. Another graphic treatment is the usage of photo frames, which adds pops of color throughout layouts. This complements Shatter’s photography style, which is focused on candid and relaxed photos of Amy presented in a vibrant and high-contrast editing style as well as confident and curious photos of young women–Shatter’s target market–in a variety of business environments. 

We also worked with Amy to solidify her brand tone, voice, and key differentiators. What sets Shatter apart from its competitors is that it offers more than tactical advice; it leads with mindset shifts. The brand conveys that developing yourself personally is what sets you apart professionally – and we created a tone and voice that was inviting, gentle, friendly, and non-judgemental. The goal for brand interactions with Shatter is to create small moments of value that build to something bigger and leaves its target audience wanting to learn more and be better – and the approachability of the visual brand only reinforces this feeling.

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