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Logo & Branding

Let’s be honest – typically, tax strategy and financial planning are confusing and hard to understand for the average person – but it’s even more fraught with anxiety for business owners. The tough part is the gray area – what might be true for one business from a tax perspective isn’t true for another, which can make planning for the next step of a business really tough.

This can be especially hard for family-owned businesses that are working to build a generational legacy at the same time they’re building revenue. And it’s this challenge that Dawn Hryshko, owner of Orsa Consulting, wants to solve for her clients.

Dawn came to us because she needed a brand identity that was able to translate the feeling clients have when they work with her and her team– that feeling of having a steady, transparent, and trustworthy presence in their corner. Orsa knows the nuances of US-based family-owned businesses and wants to help them maximize cash flow, minimize taxes, and develop strategic succession plans. The brand’s promise is two-fold: to make learning and engaging with taxes and financials as easy and stress-free as possible, and also to help them understand exactly what’s going on, at all times, with the business they’ve worked so hard to protect.

To ensure Orsa hits this point home with their branding, we worked with Dawn and the Orsa Consulting team to design their logo, font book, and color palette–all based on approachability, warmth, and trust. The Orsa logo, with its circle logo and gradient rings, symbolizes community and inclusivity–attributes that Dawn wants her family business clients to feel when they’re engaged with her. 

The color palette is elegant, rich, and sophisticated, with purple as the dominant color paired with accent colors of warm pink and yellow to lend brightness. The brand fonts, Krub and Lato, are both sans serif fonts that blend traditional and modern styles – much like the multi-generational businesses Orsa works with. And, the brand photography also takes into Orsa’s client base into consideration, with a focus on candid photos of families, couples, and single business owners with a range of gender, age, and racial diversity.

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