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Melissa Daimler knows how to help leaders design, operationalize, and scale their culture. In her over two decades of experience across Learning and Development, Organizational Development, and Talent Management, Melissa has worked with an incredible slate of companies: Udemy, where she currently serves as its Chief Learning Officer, Adobe, Twitter, and WeWork. 

In addition to her corporate leadership roles, Melissa runs a successful boutique advisory and coaching business focused on helping small and mid-sized companies design systems that align with their values (something we can certainly get behind!). And, she’s also translated her corporate and entrepreneurial knowledge into a best-selling book called ReCulturing: Design Your Company Culture to Connect with Strategy and Purpose for Lasting Success. 

Melissa came to RAYNE IX in search of a rebrand – specifically, a more personalized logo and brand identity that she could utilize in her individual coaching and speaking endeavors. In meeting with Melissa, we knew the goal was to develop a more scalable look and feel for her digital marketing initiatives.

To balance a sense of professionalism with Melissa’s lighthearted, comedic, and authentic personality, we curated a modern logo with a unique logomark to match. The logomark “m” arcs represent the brand themes of reconnection and alignment, while the use of the different patterns speak to her personality, but also the myriad of company cultures that Melissa has worked with and seeks to help companies build. 

The final result was an inviting logomark “m” paired with a modified “m” wordmark to match. The flexible designed logo system and brand guidelines have the potential to be integrated with a variety of marketing assets while remaining customizable based on the audience and need.

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