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Welcome to Eloma" is launching in LESS THAN A MONTH, on April 1st! This has truly been a dream of mine and seeing it come to fruition has been one of my greatest joys this year.

What is Eloma? So glad you asked 🙂 

Eloma is a space for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business owners to become better leaders, people, and pioneers. The word “eloma” means action-oriented, pioneer, natural leader, independent, strong-willed, positive, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, brave, and innovative.

And WHAT is it?

It’s the first intentional “space” I’m creating for other highly ambitious dreams that get shit done to congregate. 

In this podcast, I will explore uncharted territories and share stories of business, life, and leadership with owners, entrepreneurs, and experts. My first guests included Ashley Quinto PowellPia Silva, and Scott Snider, along with a little note from yours truly. Sit back and enjoy a little sneak peek of what it will be like entering Eloma.


Ashley Quinto Powell is a serial entrepreneur, revenue generation consultant, and self-advocacy expert. She speaks nationally on working motherhood, self-advocacy, salary negotiation, and sales and has started several thriving communities to support working mothers and ambitious career women. Her book, Executive Motherhood, launched in February 2022.

I’m so excited to be featuring Ashley as my first official guest. During this episode learn more about Ashley’s VA Agency, how someone who has never played basketball before is now coaching two teams, what she’s capable of doing with a Swiss Army knife, and her experience writing her book Executive Motherhood.



Pia Silva is the founder of No BS Agency Mastery where she teaches small branding agencies how to increase profits and freedom without hiring employees using her intensive model. She developed this model with her partner at Worstofall Design where they build entire brands in 1-3 day intensives. She’s a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, podcast host and author of Badass Your Brand.

Pia talks about being unapologetically yourself. The key to building a business that allows you to travel three months out of the year and so much more. This lady has got it going on. She’s wicked smart and so sassy, one of my favorite combos!



Scott Snider is the President of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and the Operating Partner of Snider Premier Growth, a small family investment company. Since joining EPI, Scott has expanded the organization regionally, nationally, and globally, providing a transformational educational experience to advisors from all specialties across the globe. Scott Snider is a nationally recognized industry leader, growth specialist, and lifetime entrepreneur. 

Scott is so passionate about the work he does and the team he’s building but is also just an absolutely fascinating human being. This podcast is full of fun (many previously unknown) facts about Scott and a lot of tips on how to build the value of your business and the importance of investing in people. 

I could not be more thankful for this open line is up. Check it out at WelcomeToEloma.com and get on that email list and follow along at @welcometoelomaIt’s gonna be a blast!


Kiley Executive Coach & Consultant

Kiley Peters is a serial entrepreneur, national speaker, executive coach, and small business consultant. Having personally counseled over 100 small and medium-sized businesses on operations, business development, digital marketing, and consumer behavior analysis over the last 17 years Kiley is incredibly passionate about serving small business owners. She is the Founder and CEO of Brainchild Studios, a research and business strategy partner for small businesses and mid-market executives, and also created the Work From Home Playbook, a series of online courses guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the steps of starting a virtual business. With these experiences in her back pocket, she understands the challenges and struggles small business owners encounter. 

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